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   Bentleyville Finance Committee
     February 20th, 2013
     Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Jonathan Slain, Chair; Bernice Schreiber, Fiscal Officer; Christine Comstock, Council; John Bourisseau, Council; Kathleen Hale, Council; George Skipper, Council.

Meeting Called to Order at 6:00PM

Approval of Minutes

Approved without changes

Accounts Payable

The accounts payable listing was reviewed and approved for payment.  Several questions were presented and satisfactory answers were provided by the fiscal officer.

Review of Financial Statements

Bentleyville had $20,000 more in real estate taxes this month than budgeted because of the County making our real estate tax payment in January instead of in December.

RITA taxes came in $20,000 higher than expected for January.  In February, we will have a one time RITA refund of $53,000 because of a refund to a resident; however, February is still tracking to be above budget.

Revenue for the month is $40,000 over budget and expenses are approximately $3,000 under budget, for a net effect of Bentleyville being $43,000 better than budget for the month.

Old Business

New Business

- Finance Committee received a letter from the Mayor that informed Bentleyville of new procedures for paying Mayor's Court Fines and fees by EFT.  The fiscal officer explained how the new procedures would affect the Village and the Committee approved the new procedures.
- Finance Committee discussed the CDL Motion on the Agenda.  We asked John Bourisseau to consider tabling the Motion until we can have more detail on the program before voting on the Motion.  John agreed.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45PM

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