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   Bentleyville Finance Committee
     March 20th, 2013
Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Jonathan Slain, Chair; Bernice Schreiber, Fiscal Officer; Christine Comstock, Council; John Bourisseau, Council; Kathleen Hale, Council; George Skipper, Council.  Mayor Spremulli for part of meeting.

Meeting Called to Order at 6:00PM

Approval of Minutes

Approved without changes

Accounts Payable

Liability insurance came in approximately $4,000 less than estimated for this year, which was a pleasant surprise.

Overall payables are approximately $45,000 instead of the approximately $49,000 budgeted.

The accounts payable listing was reviewed and recommended for payment.  Several questions were presented and satisfactory answers were provided by the fiscal officer.

Review of Financial Statements

Revenue YTD is $52,000 over budget and expenses YTD are approximately $13,000 under budget, for a net effect of Bentleyville being $65,000 better than budget YTD.

Old Business

There is a motion on the table of Council for the payment of CDL licenses for our service employees.  Finance discussed this motion in detail, more specifically:
• Should the Village pay for the licenses?
• Should the Village pay for associated physical exams needed?
• Should the Village pay for employees to be on the clock while training for CDL?

The Finance Committee did not reach resolution on any of these questions or make any recommendations, but did have spirited debate.

New Business

• Finance discussed the need for Council to create a policy for how we pay for training for our employees so we can apply it uniformly and universally when this issue comes up again in the future.   This policy should probably come out of Streets and Safety Committee?

• We also may want to create a policy on motions.  When do we need them?  Can we set a threshhold for when a motion is needed?
o Councilman Slain put together the following language for the Committee to consider at its April meeting
 Procedures for Council Expenditures
 A motion shall be introduced by the Mayor or a Council Member for any expenditure to be made by the Village of Bentleyville except where any one or more of the following exceptions apply:
• Expenditures included in the budget;
• Expenditures under $1000;
• Expenditures that recur from time to time and have previously been approved by a simple majority of Council;
• Expenditures required due to emergency.

• The Mayor addressed Finance Committee to share information on the COG proposal.  Legislation is pending for April. 

Meeting adjourned at 6:55PM

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