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Village of Bentleyville

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Parks, Facilities and Beautification Agenda


October 8, 2014


 Approval of Minutes
September 10, 2014


Additions to Agenda

Service Director Report


Old Business Updates: 

Village Halloween


Holiday lighting – Kathleen

Directory – Ken

Eagle Scout Project Update – Will Borden – Ken


Club Bville -  see Club Bville Notes below   


Budget Update

New Business       


Draft of next year’s calendar

April 19 Earth Day Cleanup
June 19 Solstice Cheerful Hour
July 1 (tentative) Meditation Hour
June 28 Safety Day
Sept. 18 Equinox Cheerful Hour
same as Chagrin’s Village Garage Sale

Oct. 26 Village Halloween

Nov. 30 Holiday Lighting


Bentleyville Safe Update and marketing materials

Next steps

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Next meeting:

November 12, 2014     10:00 AM

Club Bville Notes September 30, 2014


Present were: Len Spremulli, Christine Comstock, Ken Kvacek, Kathleen Hale, Kathleen Esposito, Shiela Spremulli and Bonnie Borman Goldston.

Tonight’s meeting was practical – we created an entire year’s schedule of events – and philosophical – we re-iterated our goal for Club Bville: To increase the use of the Village Park and to facilitate a sense of community among the Bentleyville residents.


Discussion of Summer Village Park 2014 Events with some thoughts

April 13 Earth Day Cleanup – will have Service Department people present. Serve refreshments – perhaps Boy Scouts or High School volunteers

June 20 Solstice Cheerful Hour – keep it low key but have some interesting feature – not designed for kids

June 29 Safety Day  perhaps next year have officer on bike, maybe a bike shop offering bike checkups and tuneups for kids, car seats for the antique car, perhaps a fire hose on the sledding hill for a slip ‘n slide, maybe a naturalist to talk about safety and/or the Boy Scouts giving demonstrations of safety, maybe fishing safety with a place to practice – no hooks but maybe weights.

July 1 Meditation Hour – look for others to lead group, perhaps yoga or t’ai chi.  Noted that people from surrounding communities attend the group even more than Bentleyville residents

Sept. 19 Equinox Cheerful Hour – perhaps make “Stone Soup” with people bringing soup ingredients and adding them all into the caldron of Soup.  Loved the astronomer - we talked about a clambake but thought that it seemed like a lot of work to bring residents together – we will continue discussion

Sept. 27 Village Garage Sale – The Garden Club is considering what to do – we will do more PR – Craig’s list, newspaper, etc.   

Oct. 26 Village Halloween - Plans for BooVille - Halloween/Fall Fest – Mike presented his plans, they sounded great and very fun and appealing.

Nov. 30 Holiday Lighting - Kathleen talked about the plan on – from 6 to 7 refreshments, adult, coffee, and apple juice.  There are four people who will be baking.  There will be singers and a Santa.  We talked about a flyer to be mailed out.

We set tentative dates and themes for 2015.

April 19 Earth Day Cleanup
June 19 Solstice Cheerful Hour
June 28 Safety Day
July 1 Meditation Hour
Sept. 18 Equinox Cheerful Hour
Sept. ?? Village Garage Sale

Bentleyville Safe Update and marketing materials

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