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Village of Bentleyville

Founded in 1831

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Parks, Facilities and Beautification Minutes



August 13     9:45 AM


Approval of Minutes
July 9, 2014    


Additions to Agenda


Old Business: 

Holiday lighting - Kathleen

Club Bville
Union Cemetery


New Business       

Activities Update
Past Activities
     April 13, 2014    Earthday Park Cleanup
     June 20, 2014  Cheerful History of Bentleyville
     June 29, 2014  Safety Day Attended by 60 plus people
     July 23, 2014   Meditation
     July 30, 2014   Meditation
     Aug. 6, 2014   Meditation

What did we learn?  What, if anything, to do differently?


Donation page draft ready to go -


Summer newsletter. Encourage residents to get newsletter by email. 


Garage sale


Miles Road Bridge railing.


Next meeting:

September 10, 2014     10:00 AM

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