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Parks, Facilities and Beautification Minutes
March 12, 2014


Present were: Christine Comstock, Kathleen Esposito, Ken Kvacek, Len Spremulli, John Bourisseau, Kathleen Hale, Dale Berger, Bonnie Borman Goldston


The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Comstock at 10:13 AM.  


Additions to agenda:

Renewal of the Porta-Potty

Old Business:

Chagrin River Watershed Partners: Kathleen Esposito and/or Kathleen Hale will be Bentleyville's representatives at the Watershed Partners meetings. 


Park Cleanup day:
The Metroparks is not having a Cleanup Day so we cannot coordinate with them.
John Bourisseau reported that he may have some local volunteers interested in helping with the Park Cleanup Day which will be held April 12, 2014.  Ken Kvacek will check with the people who have volunteered to help Bentleyville who might be interested in working on this event.  The priorities would be general cleanup of the paths and riverbanks, moving some of the birdhouses if necessary, putting up the owl houses, picking up brush and dead wood.  We will publicize the Cleanup Day in the usual ways and will coordinate with the newsletter to communicate with residents. 


Holiday Tree Lighting:

Kathleen Esposito has agreed to coordinate holiday tree lighting to be held at Village Hall on Sunday, November 30, 2014, at 6:30 p.m requested a budget amount to cover expenses for refreshments and crafts.  The committee expressed appreciation to Kathleen for doing this.


Service director Update:
The many recent (and major) snowstorms have occupied the Service Department recently. 


New Business:

Village Directory: Ken Kvacek brought up the idea of the village directory to make information about the village services available and to build community.  He brought in some copies to look at format and suggested it be a directory for residents perhaps including information about families with teens would like to be hired for residents’ jobs.


Discussion about the Park.  Mayor Spremulli expressed his desire for the Park to be enjoyed by more residents.  We talked about adding more incentives for people to go to the Park and publicizing the Park more so residents will know what is available now.  We reviewed the goals that the original Park committee had identified which included “trails, a bird sanctuary, informal ballfields, wetland, fishing access, sledding Hill and seasonal ice skating area, playground, Pavilion and grills and parking.”  Ken Kvacek presented several additional thoughts about possible expansions /activities we might choose.  The committee is enthusiastic about increasing opportunities for Bentleyville residents to interact and making the Park more interesting while maintaining the natural look and feel.  We discussed activities such as wine tastings, fire pit evenings, our own outdoor yard sale to coordinate with Chagrin Falls, antique car shows particularly for Bentleyville residents, safety demonstrations.


Meeting was adjourned at 11:10. 

Next meeting: 10:00 AM April 9, 2014

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