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Village of Bentleyville
Parks, Facilities and Beautification Minutes

June 6, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM by Christine Comstock.
Present were Christine Comstock, Chair, John Bourisseau, Bentleyville Parks Committee, Dale Berger, Ed Gray, Resident

The minutes from May 2, 2012, were approved.
Additions to the agenda: Donations button on website, Budget

Old business

Dale provided a Service update.

The summer mowing, weed whipping, berm work, brush pickup, watering and resident service have been going smoothly. 
Dale has been using the sickle which does a very nice job on the berms.  Bainbridge had been doing all the berms on Franklin but now they are only doing their side.  We are doing ours.
The path at the Park has been mowed once.  A few cuts to the River will be added. Conservative mowing will be done as needed. 
Dale saw a group of people with 10 to 15 chairs sitting at the Park.  Additionaly he spoke with a few residents who use the Park regularly and enjoyed it very much.  There seems to be more traffic at the Park.  It has been very nice weather.
Curtis Black had a 2 hour car wash for his Eagle Scout project and he raised $390 – actually a little more than he needed.  Both the service department and the police helped him with set up and support and he returned all equipment clean and in good condition.  He will be beginning his project sometime this week.
The sprinkler system had many heads that need to be replaced.  Dale is doing it.
Dale bought a carpet cleaner for $199 and will be having Lester clean the chairs and check for spots on the carpet.
The service crew has been working with the microphones in the Council Chambers trying to get them better balanced.
A resident had requested the tables and chairs.  The service department washed 63 chairs and 15 tables and delivered them to the resident’s house. 
The chairs and tables are plastic and are aging - they are probably 8 to 10 years old.  Dale will get some figures on replacements and we will consider rotating chairs out and buying some new ones.
They put up a new deer crossing sign
The Garden Club flowers have been planted and are being watered regularly.  Kathleen recommended that the flowers be watered frequently in early time and then, unless there is a drought, backing off on the number of times they are watered.
Dale purchased the first aid kits for the Service Garage, Village Hall and smaller ones for the trucks.
The task lists are working well.
The Service Department continues to respond to residents’ requests drop off trucks and/pick up computers and other large items. 

We looked at the map of the Cemetery property.  We have more property than we had thought.  Dale will look at it and we will talk about ideas.

The large task lists and the current task list are on file at Village Hall.  The new timesheets are in service, working well but will continue to be amended as needed.  They are on file at Village Hall. 

New business

The Historical Society will use the Park for their meeting in August.  We talked about the the stability of the plastic chairs.  Dale will look them over.

We talked about a sign on Solon road to identify the Park.  It is particularly difficult to find the Park because the address is actually on Liberty Road.  The sign will be the same style as the sign that is already at the Park and it will say The Village of Bentleyville Park.  Tim is pricing signs.

Donate Online
We talked about the possibility of facilitating online donations. In theory, it seems workable but we will research and consider this idea further.

We reviewed the budget to date. 

Possible projects

We continued to discuss the idea of volunteer opportunities for residents, high school service hours, service groups and/or Eagle Scout projects include:
Plant low maintenance flowers at the Park
Donate  picnic tables -  in someone’s name or anonymously
Plant wildflowers
Trail maintenance
Rain garden
Bird conservation/observation
Fishing access
Kayak launch
Pull out invasive non-indigenous plants throughout the Village
Work on the toddler sledding hill
Plant trees
Write history of the Park area.
Distribute QR code
Supervise high school hours projects

Our priority is to make the Park appealing and accessible as a refuge for humans and otherwise.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 AM. 
The July meeting, scheduled for July 4 will be canceled.
The next meeting will be held August 1, 2012 at 10:00 AM. 

Christine Comstock
Parks, Facilities and Beautification Committee Chairperson

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