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Park, Facilities, and Beautification
January 3, 2012


Call to order at 6:30pm
Present:  Wendy Gillund, John Bourisseau, and Kathleen Hale

Approved minutes

Reviewed maintenance program with inventory list (see attached)

2012 Goals:

-Eagle Scout project is scheduled for spring/summer.  The project would establish a campfire pit and mark the horse trail in the park.

-Investigate possible movie night in the park for the summer.

-Discuss with garden club their goals for the year.  We would like to recommend that ornamental grass be planted on the east corner.  Also, the garden across the street (SW corner) may be best without flowers that need watering.

-Table re-establishing native plants in the park meadow.

Pavilion roof estimates:
     Three estimates have been established and should be reviewed for work to be done in the spring.
Council chamber estimates:
     We have been waiting on a third estimate.  Kathleen Hale made a recommendation and since this meeting the estimate has arrived.  The estimates should be reviewed at the next meeting.
Bentleyville signs:
      Cleaning and maintenance of the brackets was added to the inventory list.

Approved new “Administration” sign for lobby
Approved new grates for garage floor

Adjourn at 7:20pm

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