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Parks, Facilities and Beautification Minutes

February 13, 2013  

The meeting was called to order at 10:13 AM.  Residents were Christine Comstock, John Bourisseau, George Skipper, Kathleen Hale, Kathleen Esposito and Lloyd Nagle.

The minutes from December 2012 were approved as submitted.  There was no January 2013 meeting.

Additions to Agenda
Discussion of posting Council packet on the website
Discussions of possible Eagle Scout projects. 

Old Business:
The sign for the Park will be put up in the spring.
Twitter Update - presently we have 28 people signed up for the Bentleyville twitter -  more than we initially expected.
Update on Holiday Decoration Plans Proposal to Council. The budget for the holiday decorations will be discussed in new business.
The Employee Fund needs a resident to lead this effort and so far, we have not identified that person.

Dale Berger was not present so there was a much abbreviated report. All village work is proceeding well.
The PHP list that we use to send out information about minutes, agendas, etc. has 78 people receiving the messages, twitter has 29 people signed up now, the newsletter reaches about 300 homes. 

New Business
We talked about the 2013 Holiday decorations.  The Garden Club has had positive feedback from their decorations last year. People commented they would like more greenery on the signs, they appreciated the greenery on the bridges and they like the use of the different colors to recognize different traditions. Kathleen observed that the Garden Club is always conscientiously frugal. The budget last year of $700 was difficult to adhere to and yet provide the quality of decorations they wanted to. We talked about decorating the big tree outside at Village Hall this summer with outdoor lights that would remain in place all year. Kathleen will speak to the Garden Club and to neighbors to get an idea of possible costs and possible resources.

We also discussed the possibility of having a Plant Exchange as an event in the spring. The Garden Club usually has plant exchanges in the fall and in the spring and we discussed the possibility of joining with them and making the event open to all Bentleyville residents.   We discussed using the website beginning in late February so that people could begin to plan and then holding the event in the spring. People would bring their own containers and exchange plants that are particularly suitable for thriving in Bentleyville. Kathleen will speak with the Garden Club about that possibility.

There is a possibility some potential Eagle Scouts will want to use the village Park for projects. This, of course, is good news for the Village.  We discussed the small tobogganing hill at the trailhead as in need of landscaping and beautification. We also discussed the fishing platform as another potential project.  We reviewed our list of possible projects from past meetings and will be prepared with suggestions for potential projects.

Next meeting:
March 13, 2013    10:00 AM 

Christine Comstock, Chairperson

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