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Village of Bentleyville
Parks, Facilities and Beautification Minutes

March 7, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 10 AM.
Present were Christine Comstock, Chair, John Bourisseau, Chief Tim Pitts, Dale Berger

The minutes from February 1, 2012 were approved.

Additions to the agenda were 1.) Davey contract, 2.) approval of job description, 3.) planning for duct work repair and 4.) the annual sprinkler maintenance.

Old business

Dale provided an overall update. It's a relatively quiet time of the year. Inspections are being done, repairs are being made and planning is going forward. The concrete bench in the cemetery will need to be cleaned or pressure washed this season. The sign in the cemetery is showing some water leakage and Dale will see that that is repaired.  The parking lot, especially by the Police area, needs work. Dale and Tim will get bids to have it repaired.  The safety storage cabinet for the service garage will be ordered. Dale has been researching them.  Signs will be purchased with other communities at a substantial savings.

The painting bids were reviewed. Greg Potts and Tim Pitts and Dale Berger had reviewed the bids and looked over the areas to be painted. The decision was made to accept the J and K Painting & Decorating bid for $2900. All bids were complete. This was the lowest of the three bids. The committee is delighted that Pam Spremulli has agreed to choose the color(s) for the main floor.

The proposals for the cleaning and sealing of the Pavilion roof were reviewed. Greg Potts, Tim Pitts and Dale Berger had reviewed the bids and the decision was made to accept the Shake Doctors proposal for $1600.  All bids were complete. This was the lowest of the three bids.

The task list was reviewed. Progress on accomplishing the tasks on the task list is excellent.

Paperwork – Jackie has filed Dale’s paperwork at Village Hall and she will maintain it.  That will make Dale’s job easier. (Thank you, Jackie!)

New business

Davey Tree has sent their annual service contract for fertilizing the Crabapple trees on Solon road and applying fertilizer, crabgrass control, weed and insect control, grub treatment treatments in early spring, late spring, summer and fall. This is the same contract we had last year. The decision was made to accept the contract again this year at a cost of $665.42.

The committee reviewed the job description for the cleaning contractor.  We had solicited input from village employees who had direct knowledge of the scope of the job. We made a few minor changes and accepted the job description.  We will review the job description as work goes on and make changes as needed to make the job description as accurate as possible.

Duct work in Village Hall.  When the original duct work was done, the ducts in the basement ceiling were not attached to the grates so the heat did not come up from the basement to the police area and the cold air did not return. There have been two bids submitted so far – one for $358 and one for $555. We will get a third bid and decide.  This should have been done when the building was built.

Before it is turned on, the sprinkler system needs to be flushed out, had the sprinkler heads inspected and any other issues identified. Dale will get an estimate for this work.

The committee discussed the Service Hours Timesheet.  Dale, Chris, Lloyd and I have met several times as we have changed the items on the list. Once the changes from today's meeting are included, the Service Department will begin using the new timesheet to see how it works. Next month we will evaluate and then make changes as needed to the timesheet.

Picnic tables.  The committee agrees that two picnic tables would be a good addition.  They will be placed on the concrete pad under the Pavilion roof. Dale will check with Metroparks about getting some used picnic tables.  Lloyd and Chris suggested chaining them to the structure.

We discussed the Safety Program. The service workers were not able to get into the safety class in March and so will be attending class in May.  The classes are a requirement as part of the Village hazard-free workplace program.

A representative from the Bentleyville Garden Club will come to the April Parks Committee meeting to let us know what the Garden Club recommends and what they need from us and to make plans for the spring and summer. They will come again in September just before fall clean up. Last year the cost to us for the fertilizer, the weed killer and the flowers for the Village Hall flower beds, Daffodil Hill, the flowers on the Overlook bed and the South West corner totaled $600.  We are fortunate indeed to have their commitment.

Tim and Dale will continue work on making the schedule for daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal tasks.  We will discuss that at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 AM. 
The next meeting will be held April 4, 2012 at 10 AM

Christine Comstock
Parks Chairperson


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