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Parks, Facilities and Beautification Committee
April 10, 2013
10 AM

Present: John Bourisseau, Kathleen Hale, George Skipper, Dale Berger, Chief Pitts
Absent: Christine Comstock

Old Business
The Park sign is in place, and the consensus is that it looks good.
There was not any update from the Garden Club regarding future programs

Park--The bathroom facility for the park has been delivered.  Dale indicates that they will be starting the Spring clean-up this week, weather permitting.
Village Hall--It was reported that the group using Village Hall for meetings has been leaving the building in poor condition.  This group is using the facility free of charge as a public service.  The duty officer who opens the building for them will talk to the group and indicate that if they don’t respect the building their privilege will be terminated.
Cemetery--We discussed cemetery clean-up and some options to ensure that the informational sign created by the Eagle Scout project continue to be readable.  The sign has a tendency to fog up with moisture and requires frequent attention.
Service Garage--engaged in Spring cleanup.

New Business 
Eagle Scout Project--Alex Di Staulo will create numerous bird houses for placement throughout the Park.  Ms. Comstock recommended that Alex set up a meeting with a Park naturalist to discuss the types of houses that would attract birds indigenous to the area.
It was recommended to Dale that he bring the checklists created last year to the next meeting to review.  Dale indicated that they regularly refer to the lists.

Meeting Adjourned:  10:35

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