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Village of Bentleyville
Parks, Facilities and Beautification Minutes

April 4, 2012


The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM by Christine Comstock.
Present were Christine Comstock, Chair, John Bourisseau, Chief Tim Pitts, Dale Berger, Kathleen Esposito, Mary Kay Black, Ed Gray, Mike Bellah

The minutes from March 7, 2012, were approved.

Additions to the agenda were 1.) Revision of task list 2.) new Eagle Scout project thoughts, 3.) website.

Old business

Dale provided an overall Village service update.
The painting is going well and is on schedule. 
The pavilion roof has been power washed, is drying now and will be treated in a few days.
The Service Department has done the first mowing at the Park.
They have begun pruning trees at Village Hall.
Branch pickup has started. Ordinarily, branch pickup starts in May, but because of the early warm weather, residents have begun putting out branches and calling for pickup.
The sign at the cemetery has been taken apart, cleaned and put back together.  It may need additional caulking to prevent damage. The bench has been power washed and cleaned.
The new bid for the parking lot repair, resurfacing and striping has been requested from the company that gave a good bid previously.
The Service Department will be filling the holes in the Park paved area and will be rolling it.
The new service hour forms have been revised and are working well – they will continue to be revised.
The service task list is now more reflective of the Service Department activities. Copies of both the service hour forms and the task list are on file at the Village Hall.
The new heaters in the service garage are functional and are very quiet and efficient at the service garage.  Dale will follow up on plans for the old heater which was left as backup.
The emergency generator room floor has been touched up. Dale will follow-up with a possible treatment for the rust on the sump pump cover.
There is a leak in the toilet in the women's restroom – possibly in the wall. Dale replaced the faucet and is following up on the toilet. 
The garage door opener for the left-hand garage door needs either repair or replacement. All agree repair will be better if possible.
Dale is waiting for a call from the sprinkler company. The committee discussed the possibility of using Service Department people to maintain the sprinkler system but decided to stay with the company who installed them. We did not have work done last year, service is needed and there are not extra hours available right now in the Service Department. 
The safety storage cabinet is installed and stocked. Dale will get a first aid kit for the service garage.
The Service Department is responding to residents’ requests and picking up computers and other items. 
The regular maintenance duties for Village Hall, the Service garage, the Park, Cemetery and right of way are going smoothly.

New business

Kathleen Esposito from the Bentleyville Garden Club was present to discuss spring flower bed plans. In 2010, Bentleyville spent $922.02 on flowers, fertilizer, and weed killer. Last year in 2011, we spent $251.56. The Garden Club understands the financial reality, but they noted that the flowers last year were minimal and did not look as bright and full as in other years.  The Garden Club recommended additional flowers to provide the bright, colorful flowers. The Park Committee agreed and approved $600 for the 2012 budget. We will cover watering as part of the beautification!  The Garden Club will contact Dale directly with their requests for services.  He will schedule Lester’s time. The Garden Club is glad to know that Lester will continue watering and noted he had done a great job with the plants. Kathleen or a representative of the Garden Club will come to the Parks Committee meeting again in September.

Web Site
Mike Bellah suggested that the Garden Club have an active web site page on the Bentleyville website and Ms. Esposito thought that was an excellent idea.  She will give the information to their photographer who will contact Mike. Mike also mentioned adding more pictures to the website and he and the Committee will pursue that. 

Eagle Scout project – fire pit and log holder.
Curtis Black has presented his Eagle Scout project proposal to build a fire pit and a log holder. Committee, staff and residents attending the meeting agreed that this fire pit and log holder will be a good addition to the Park. Curtis will work closely with the Service Department. The proposal is on file at village Hall. Curtis will be doing the project this summer. He has worked with the Parks Committee and the Service Department as he has developed this proposal over the past several years.  We expect the fire pit to be used much as the ones in the Metroparks are presently used. 

Eagle Scout possible project – Rob Kvacek
Rob Kvacek has expressed interest in doing his Eagle Scout project at the Bentleyville Park. He was interested in looking at an area of the park that is presently grass/field that might be more appropriate for trees. He suggested moving trees from other areas or finding a way to raise money to buy trees that would be more naturally suited for the environment. This was a very preliminary discussion and the committee is quite interested. 

The committee discussed other possible projects as other Eagle Scouts have expressed interest in projects. Some of the suggestions included path enhancement, tree or plant labeling, short wooden bridges over some of the wet areas. All of the projects allowing access to the river would be minimally disruptive and low impact. History projects might also be possible.

Paths to the River and along the River
The Service Department will mow footpaths to the River and along the River.  They will use the same path outline that was originally mowed. The purpose of the paths is to make the River more accessible to the people visiting the Park.

Safety Program. The service workers will be attending their first Safety class in May , Personal Protective Equipment Selection Criteria. In August they will be attending First Aid in the Workplace. The classes are a requirement as part of the Village hazard-free workplace program for Bureau of Workers Compensation.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 AM. 
The next meeting will be held May 2, 2012 at 10:00 AM

Christine Comstock
Parks, Facilities and Beautification Committee Chairperson

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