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Parks, Facilities and Beautification Minutes
May 14, 2014



Present were: Christine Comstock, Kathleen Esposito, Ken Kvacek, John Bourisseau, Dale Berger


The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Comstock at 10:30 AM.  


Approval of the Minutes:
The minutes from April, 2014 were approved as submitted. 


Additions to Agenda:


Old Business:

The Cleanup Day, held April 13, 2014, was very successful.  The work of the volunteers saved the Village at least 40 hours of work. And the Park looked great.


Eagle Scout Project:
Will Borden has finalized his Eagle Scout project plan.  Ken, for the Village, signed the paperwork with him last week.  He will plant the trees after the summer heat and dryness, but he will have everything else ready before that. 


Survey of Village Assets:

At the moment, Dale is planning to hire a new person and the Service Staff is understaffed until that happens.  We looked at the tasks – many of them will have to wait until more staff is available.  Dale has already done some of them and will continue to work on them as time allows.  We talked about the specifics of the Unisex police bathroom.   


Service Director Report:

The Service Department has been busy mowing, picking up branches and cleaning up after storms in addition to their regular work.  Dale will be interviewing people to fill the vacant position.  It may be one person or more than one to fill the hours.



There have been a number of responses with most people enthusiastic about the directory and wanting to be included.  They have sent in their e-mail addresses and information about teens who may be interested in working.  Both Evans Printing and Windjammer Printing have been approached for estimates.


The Duncan McFarland Homestead

The committee discussed the McFarland Homestead.  No action to be taken at this time.

New Business: 


Flowers and mulch:

The Garden Club estimates that flowers and 20 yards of mulch will cost $600 this year as it did last year.  The flowers will come from Breezewood this year.  We look forward to seeing the gardens again this year.  Their work and care make the Village look so beautiful. 



The committee discussed buying chairs knowing that we will have more activity at the Park this summer and that we are wanting to be fiscally responsible.  The committee noted that storage and handling of the chairs would be difficult and time-consuming.  Therefore, the Committee decided to suggest that residents bring their own chairs as they do for local baseball games.


Side of the road needs attention:

On Cannon Road, close to Solon Road, there is a patch of gravel probably left over from a paving project.  The Committee agrees that that area should be made more attractive.  Some stones between the road and a grassy area would be a more appealing arrangement.  Dale will speak to the Metroparks about some stones. 


Club B’ville:

There will be another Club B’ville meeting to discuss the summer’s events.  The meeting is tentatively scheduled for May 27 at 7 PM. 


Activities Update – Ken is investigating music and entertainment for each event.


Summer Calendar

April 13                Clean-Up Day

Date TBA             Safety Day

June 21st             Cheerful 59 ½ Minutes - Celebrate the Summer Solstice – 6 to 9 PM –BYO Chairs and B - Ken is arranging music entertainment

July 23                  10:00 AM  Meditation Hour - Christine

August                  Village Wide Garage Sale – same as Chagrin

Sept. 19               Cheerful 59 ½ Minutes - Enjoy the Fall Equinox

October               Halloween/Astronomy/Fire Pit – Mike Nemanaitis

Nov. 30                Holiday Tree Lighting - Kathleen



Meeting was adjourned at 11:20. 

Next meeting: 10:00 AM June 11, 2014


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