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Parks, Facilities and Beautification Committee
May 8, 2013
10 AM

Present: John Bourisseau, Christine Comstock, Kathleen Hale, George Skipper, Dale Berger, Chief Pitts and Alex DiStaulo

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Comstock at 10:20 AM. 

The agenda was modified so that Alex could begin with his presentation about his proposed Eagle Scout project. Alex had prepared a PowerPoint presentation highlighting his proposed goals and methods. Alex is proposing to build birdhouses for bluebirds and finches. He intends to increase awareness of birding opportunities in the Park. He is planning to work with the Naturalist from the Metroparks to determine the exact number and location of the birdhouses. He plans to propose that his Boy Scout troop “adopt” the Park to be a place where Boy Scouts can get their merit badges in Nature and Wilderness by maintaining the birdhouses and encouraging birds in the area. The committee was supportive – asked questions about minimally stabilizing the birdhouses in a floodplain, placement, numbers. These issues will be addressed as Alex further refines his plan.  Councilperson Hale offered to work with Alex on this project. Her interest is much appreciated.

The April 10, 2013 minutes were approved.

Additions to agenda
Chairs, carpet, budget.

Old Business
We postponed discussion of the holiday decorations until next month when Kathleen Esposito can be present.
We continued discussion of the chairs which have been periodically lent to residents and used for events at the village Park. The chairs have deteriorated over the years and are no longer safe to use. The committee discussed alternatives including buying new chairs. That discussion led into a larger discussion of where to store the chairs -  we do not have room for them. Presently they are stored outside but they have deteriorated even faster because of that.  The idea of building a shed to store general equipment and the chairs at the village Park had been discussed. The shed could cost roughly $2500 and the chairs could cost roughly $1500. There is also the Service Department time in dropping off and picking up the chairs. The committee decided to ask Council for input before proceeding.
Committee will move forward to the next step for the carpet replacement. Pam Spremulli had agreed to choose the color. 

Cemetery - During a recent storm, a large tree branch fell on the concrete bench and on cemetery sign.  The bench can be repaired.  The sign needs replacement. The sign had been very attractive with a lot of information on it.  We talked about how best to replace it.
The Garden Club will be planting the flowers May 22 or 23 depending on the weather.
Village grounds - regular maintenance work continues. Dale has been working on 2 1/2 ton truck with the steering issue. And they continue to negotiate with Judco for the most appropriate leaf box arrangement.
We talked about the task list and how best to keep track of time expenditure and project accomplishments for the service department. We went over the detailed task list and after the meeting, toured the basement.

New Business 
Rob Kvacek has submitted his proposal for his Eagle Scout project. He will be creating a small sledding Hill and clearing dead wood, brush and removing weeds all along the hill from the fire pit to the River if he can.  He is saving the flowers and grasses that can be saved.  We talked about possible cleanup day open to the residents to help the Eagle Scouts and the Bentleyville Park. This is a big project.   He will start with the area to the left of the trail.
We talked about how to set expenses or a budget for the Park. The park has some regular expenses (the porta potty, lighting, tree maintenance, real estate taxes, flowers and plantings for the spring and Christmas decorations for the winter. Other expenses such as the sign for the Park and Pavilion roof cleaning are infrequent but things do come up. John reminded us that the reason for the separate Park fund had been to keep the Park expenses separate from the rest of the village expenses for clarity of accounting.  Now that some Village Hall expenses are in the Parks, Facilities and Beautification category, there might be a clearer way to handle this. I will speak with Bernice and the Finance Committee.

Next Meeting:
June 12, 2013  10:00 AM

Meeting Adjourned:  11:20 AM

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