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Parks, Facilities and Beautification Minutes


May 2, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM by Christine Comstock.
Present were Christine Comstock, Chair, John Bourisseau, Chief Tim Pitts, Dale Berger, Ed Gray

The minutes from April 4, 2012, were approved.

Old business

Dale provided an overall Village Service update.
The recent windstorms have called for extra brush pickup, leaf blowing, branch pickup.
One of the light poles on Solon Road Bridge blew over partly because it was rusted out, all of the poles need inspection and probably several poles will need replacement. 
The sprinklers will be opened during the next few weeks.  Special equipment (compressor) is needed to both open and close the system.  Resident Ed Gray recommended using Bentleyville employees instead of hiring outside companies whenever possible. Dale will review the bids and the information.
The windows on the cupola at Village Hall that got broken during an earlier wind storm have been replaced.
Mowing will be done once a week or so as spring moves into summer
Service people have been using the roller for rolling the road berms and for the Park drive and parking area.  It has been very effective. The driveway into the Park is much smoother and much easier to navigate.
The last parts for the tractor are in and being mounted.
There has been a lot of police car work these last few weeks.
Dale called Amerigas to remove the propane tank.  Talked about the old small heater left in the service garage and will talk with Jeff about it - get a small propane tank?
Dale has not been putting service hour records in Council drawers - Jackie is keeping track of them on the computer, Bernice presents the summary in her financial report and it is a lot of paper.  The scans are on file at Village Hall. 
Dale suggested contacting the Garden Club for suggestions about the landscaping for the Cemetery. 
Dale will get some first aid supplies for the Service Garage, Village Hall and the trucks.
They have cleaned out the salt bin in preparation for some salt delivery.  They will buy large canvas tarps for salt covers.  They examined the salt bins for evidence of salt runoff and found a very small amount.
The Service Department continues to respond to residents’ requests drop off trucks and/pick up computers and other large items. 
The large task lists and the current task list are on file at Village Hall.  The new timesheets are in service and continue to be amended as needed.  They are on file at Village Hall. 

Garden club
Kathleen Esposito from the Bentleyville Garden Club was unable to be present but had called with good news.  The cost for the flowers came in under budget at $440.  The flowers will be planted May 16, 2012 with a rain date of May 17, 2012.  Kathleen will be in touch with Dale about the bed preparations around the flag circle.  The Garden Club recommended using the extra money for mulch to put around the cherry trees at village Hall.  They recommend grass planted under the Crabapple trees as the mulch washes away too quickly and grass will stabilize the soil.

New business

Carpet cleaning plans
The Service Department will buy a carpet cleaner with attachments so they can clean the chairs as well as spot clean or complete clean the carpet.  The carpet is worn, it is the original carpet from 1994.

Park history
We talked about past priorities for the Park.  Past Parks Committees have sought input from the residents as to how best to use this property through two surveys (January 2001 and March 2002), Discovery Day, many Council meetings and Parks meetings, hiring a planner and holding at least one public hearing/planning meeting.

The River is the most beautiful and most unique feature of the Park.  And consistently, the number one choice for the use of the Park land has been trails.  The first five recommendations in the proposed master plan approved at the January 2001 Parks Committee meeting were for an asphalt drive and 30 parking spaces, 5 foot wide trails (the Chagrin River Land Conservancy recommended four foot wide trails), bird observation areas, two fishing access points, a picnic shelter and a fireplace.  Both resident surveys focused on hiking trails, Nature Conservancy, bird sanctuary/observation and fishing access.  The final plan recommended a three stage design with the first stage being trails, fishing access, a pavilion and bird sanctuary/observation. In 2005, $2110.88 was spent in trail development.

Present Park priorities
Jeff Filarski, Tim Pitts, Dale Berger, Lloyd Nagle, Jr., Chris Ragone and Christine Comstock  walked the path area along the river on Tuesday, April 24, 2012.  Jeff had brought maps and a copy of the relevant ordinance (even though as a municipality we have complete latitude) to help us in the planning.  Jeff agreed that a 4 to 5 foot wide trail placed in the obvious places would be a wonderful addition to the Park to make the River accessible.  A footpath will not substantially change either the amount of runoff or the ability of the land to function as a floodplain.  We referenced earlier recommendations from the Chagrin River Land Conservancy, Chagrin Watershed Partners and the Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District as we looked at the property and envisioned its potential.  The wetland area will be preserved, the paths will be placed safely.  Some mowing should be done because some of the invasive species have multiplied and are smothering other plants.  The bird sanctuary aspect of the Park is very important – it is a habitat that birds and wildflowers obviously love.  There are some places along the River that would make easy fishing access points especially accessible for young children and senior citizens.  And the committee agreed that a kayak access path would be desirable.  Really, there is no other place like this in Bentleyville or the Chagrin River Valley. 

The committee agreed that the present priorities include mowing of paths, picnic tables, fishing access points, bird sanctuary/observation areas and a kayak access point. 

We discussed alternative ideas about the big tree across the River. We will gather more information.

Web Site – no new info

Eagle Scout project – fire pit and log holder.
Curtis Black had presented the possibility of using larger stones around the fire pit.  The committee preferred staying with his original plan which would not require a backhoe and additional cost and service time. The original plan used smaller stones and is very nice.  We have a good list of potential Eagle Scout projects should other Eagle Scouts want to do projects. 

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 AM. 
The next meeting will be held June 6, 2012 at 10:00 AM

Christine Comstock
Parks, Facilities and Beautification Committee Chairperson

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