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Parks, Facilities and Beautification Committee
June 12, 2013
10 AM

Present: John Bourisseau, Christine Comstock, Kathleen Hale, George Skipper, Chief Pitts, Ken Kvacek and Rob Kavacek

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Comstock at 10:20 AM. 

The May 8, 2013 minutes were approved as submitted. 

Additions to agenda
Discussion of possible PayPal account

Old Business
We talked about decorating the Christmas tree outside Village Hall.  The potential cost of installing and maintaining outdoor lights (first estimate between $1000 and $1500) was high.  Ken Kvacek suggested that we might consider putting holiday lights on the Solon Road bridge rather than on the tree.   Ken and Scout Troop 241 have been putting up the Christmas lights at the Pavilion in the Bentleyville Park for the past three years.  Before that, he and the Bentleyville Historical Society had decorated trees outside at the Village Hall for probably 10 years.
The chairs have been disposed of.  We discussed the grill and decided we wanted to make sure it stays in usable shape.  The Service Department will look at it and see if it needs any repair.  The grill is available if residents want to pick it up and return it or pay a delivery charge as per the Park policy.
The Garden Club planting day was May 22, 2013.  The beds were prepared, weeded, fertilized, planted and mulched.  We needed a little extra mulch. 
Lloyd has completed his CDL and Chris will take the final part of his test in the next few weeks. 
Two other bids for carpet have been solicited.  All bids will be within budget allowance.  Pam Spremulli had made the suggestion as to carpet color and type which will go with the walls.  

There are many more people at the Park – probably a combination of the weather, the new paths and the sign.  There was at least one photo shoot there last week-end. 
A large tree fell across the path and was removed. 
The faucet/pump in the Park had one side of it broken off.  It will be repaired next week.  The Eagle Scout work crews were able to get water from it but it is broken now. 
A Solon resident has reserved the Pavillion for June 23. 
Rob Kvacek presented an update about his work.  He and his crew have done approximately 150 hours of work and have one more day to do.  Rob has done a wonderful job of a huge project! He has created a garden at the top of the trail head.  They gathered the perennials from the old plantings and put them there.  He has cleared the drop wood as well as the foliage on the hill from the trail head all the way to the River.  He has cleared the sledding hill and marked the place for the rope.  They will need a post-hole digger to put the posts in for the rope.  Tim will help them get one. They removed and then ground up the poison ivy.  They used Round Up on the places where the poison ivy was most prevalent.  During the work day, they had a hot dog cook-out for lunch using the fire pit.  They put gravel underneath the faucet/pump so it will not erode the soil any more.  Another Eagle Scout from a different project had found an old well-built sign from Chagrin Falls High School that Rob found and will be reclaimed for the Park. We will need a sign about the sledding hill and this one will serve other functions as well.  Alex DeStaulo, the Scout who will be creating and installing the bird houses, was present helping Rob in his project. 
We talked about the budget for the Park. It will be included in the amended budget presented to Council in July. 

New Business 
The Committee discussed Dale using a portion of the admin office for the Service Department Office.  Dale will need a computer which will be purchased for less than $500. The Parks Committee moves that a portion of the administration office be used by the Service Department.  The Parks Committee moves that a laptop computer be purchased for and used by the Service Department with the cost not exceeding $500. 
Will Borden, a Bentleyville resident, expressed his interest in pursuing an Eagle Scout project in the Park.  Rob had some suggestions about ways in which his project could extend the scope of Rob’s project.  I am speaking with Will. 
We talked about setting up a PayPal account so that if desired, it can be used to allow people to donate money for a particular purpose easily. Because we are not a 501(c)3, donations will not be tax deductible.  We will talk about specific wording for such a motion next month. 
McFarland House.  John Bourisseau and Ken Kvacek talked about the history and the future plans for the Duncan McFarland Homestead.  The Committee recommends the Resolution included in the packet.   

Next Meeting:
July 10, 2013  10:00 AM

Meeting Adjourned:  11:20 AM

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