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Parks, Facilities and Beautification Committee
July 10, 2013

Present were: John Bourisseau, Christine Comstock, George Skipper, Lloyd Nagle and Dale Berger

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Comstock at 9:56 AM. 

Approval of the Minutes
The June 12, 2013 minutes were approved as submitted. 

Old Business

Holiday lighting plans.  This discussion was postponed until Tim returns. 

PayPal account.  Follow-up on last months discussion. PayPal has a division ( specifically designed to provide services for governments/municipalities.  This division is tailored to meet the unique needs of governments or government entities, it provides a choice of payment options, requires no additional staff time on our end, guarantees compliance with PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards and charges a small percentage fee which will be deducted from the donation.  Some of the communities using PayPal include Stow, the Ohio Municipal Court, Montgomery County and Lawrence County.  Many not-for-profit groups such as the Chagrin Historical Society also use PayPal for online donations.  Bernice has researched setting up a PayPal account and feels quite confident it can be done relatively quickly.  The Parks, Facilities and Beautification Committee recommends setting up a PayPal account to allow online donations.  Donations may be solicited for such things as holiday lighting, additional tree planting or flowers.  Because this subject is a financial procedure, we will present a motion to the finance committee for its July meeting before Council.  I am including some documentation with these minutes so Council members can begin considering this proposal.  If you have questions, you can find additional information at their website 

Motion: To establish a PayPal account for the Village of Bentleyville to make it easier and more convenient for residents to make donations to the Village of Bentleyville. 

Eagle Scouts. 
Rob Kvacek completed his Eagle Scout project.  It was a huge project and has greatly improved the Park.  The garden holds many rescued plants, the hill looks fresh wonderful and Sledding Hill and the field below will provide a unique close winter activity for families.  It's a gentle hill and families with small children or grandchildren will find it inviting.  The amount of brush that Rob trimmed and removed was remarkable.  He included restoring the sign from the Chagrin School in his project - a project in itself.
Alex DiStaulo and I will be discussing the next stage in his project in the near future.
Note: Will Borden may be working on compliling the history of Bentleyville and marking the horse trail.

Carpeting.  It has been difficult getting carpet estimates because we have a specific carpet recommendation and a specific company recommendation.  Bernice or Molly will go to a carpet store and get another estimate so we will have two estimates. 

Budget.  The separate Park fund will soon run out of money and will cease to be a separate fund – just as we planned.  Park expenditures will then become a line item in the budget.  The budget amount will be $850.  The Park provides electricity, the porta potty and water.  The water faucet recently had to be repaired and so that item may be included in the budget amount for the remainder of the year.

The tile that fell or blew off the cupola at Village Hall will be replaced.

We talked about newspaper article. I will call Ken Kvacek about responding to Barbara Christian’s article in the newspaper.  Although there were many references to the Committee in the minutes before 2010, the January 20, 2010 Council meeting minutes state, “ Additionally, the mayor has formed an ad-hoc committee to deal with the McFarland House and the Union Cemetery. This committee will set its own schedule and will include a lay member, if considered appropriate. Its purpose will be to determine how the village should proceed on these particular historical assets.” 

Dale's laptop
Dale’s laptop has been purchased and John Turner is working on getting it set up.  They are also checking into the cost of an Internet connection at the service garage.

Task list
We looked over the task list and Dale made additions and corrections.

Updated procedure for equipment use
We updated the procedure for equipment use to cover the grill use and to delete reference to the tent, the chairs and tables.  The procedure will be placed in the procedure file. 

Next Meeting:
August 14, 2013  10:00 AM

Meeting Adjourned:  10:45 AM


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