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Parks, Facilities and Beautification Agenda



July 9, 2014     10:00 AM

Attendees: John B., Ken K., Kathleen E., Chief Barone, Dale Berger, Bonnie G.


Approval of Minutes
June 11, 2014     

Approved as read


Additions to Agenda


Old Business: 

Holiday lighting - Kathleen

Directory – Map use
Club Bville
Union Cemetery – John placed flag holder and flag on Ralph Russell’s grave - still need sign


New Business       

Activities Update – Ken
Past Activities
     April 13, 2014    Earthday Park Cleanup
     June 20, 2014  Cheerful History of Bentleyville
     June 29, 2014  Safety Day Attended by 60 plus people

What did we learn?  What, if anything, to do differently?


The Safety day was a success with 60 plus people attending. Hotdogs, chips and beverages were provided. 3 Bville police cars, 1 bike and 5 officers were present. A display of safety information was provided. The antique police car from Chagrin Falls and the CF Fire Department rescue unit and fireman were also present. The service department provided a tractor and dump truck for viewing. It was suggested that if we have the antique Police car that we should provide a car seat in the future.

Also suggested was to have service personnel available with the vehicles.

Donation page draft ready to go -


PHP list. The list is a combination of all available data at village with the exception of the House watch information. Ann Oaker is due to provide opinion regarding the incorporation of the information into database. This list will be used for emergency and informational emails and notifications for residents.


Need to follow up with the Molly and Mayor regarding the Summer newsletter. Discussed was to have future newsletters sent via email and make printed copies available on a limited basis. We will request village residents to opt out of receiving a printed copy. This would save money and time in delivering the newsletter.


Next activity is the Meditatian in the Park. Dale to place the village signs with information regarding the event 10 days prior to the event. It was suggested to look to have Yoga in the park on a routine basis. We will consider after we see the turn out of the event.


The village wide garage sale was also discussed with an interest to publish in the newsletter that the village will be happy to collect any small donations and would store in the basement of village hall until the sale. These donations would include small household items, clothing and books but no large furniture.


Also discussed was the cleanup and round up of the planting area across from Village hall. Dale was asked to weed the area with round up.


Front flag area at Village Hall was discussed. Plantings were removed from the area closest to the street since salt and snow removal damages this area. Dale will be checking the functionally of the lights on the flag to allow us to continue to keep the flag up in the evening.


Also discussed was the need to check the paint on the Miles rd bridge railing. It may be necessary to repaint. Historically this was completed by the county but understand that further maintanace was to be done with the village. JB will speak with Jeff regarding the next step with any possible county assistance . Also discussed was the possibility to use county prisoners to paint the bridge as in the past. Chief Barone to investigate the possibility.


We also discussd that we would leave the village American flags on the bridges from Memorial Day through Labor Day.


Next meeting:

August 13, 2014     10:00 AM

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