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Parks, Facilities and Beautification Minutes

March 13, 2013   

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Comstock at 10:45 AM.  Present were Christine Comstock, John Bourisseau, Dale Berger, Tim Pitts and George Skipper

The minutes from Feb. 13, 2012 were approved.

Additions to the agenda were: Eagle Scout project, porta potty and McFarland update

Old Business:
The sign on Solon Road for the Bentleyville Park will be installed this month.
We presently have 46 Twitter followers. The new portion of the website for updates about residents or events has been set up. 
The new computers and printers are installed and working well.

The Garden Club representative was not present and so discussion of a possible plant exchange was postponed. Chairperson Comstock will call Kathleen Esposito. 

Chairperson Comstock had researched the doggie poop bag dispensers.  There were two models available at a cost of either $129 or $279.  There is not enough traffic in the Park right now to need to purchase either one. Dale will let us know if or when the dog poop becomes a problem. 

Dale reported that all is going smoothly and many of the specific issues were addressed. 
The paths have wintered well.
Some of the benches that are now around the fire pit will be moved to places along the path.

New Business:
We discussed the 2013 Holiday decoration plan to light the big tree outside at Village Hall.  The committee recommends a conduit surrounding the electric line out to the tree. Tim will research prices for this work.

Davey Tree
We discussed the continuation of the contract with Davey Tree.  The committee agreed that it is a good idea. The cost for the year will be $740.

Eagle Scout Project.
Alex DiStaulo has presented an idea for a possible Eagle Scout project and, of course, we are very pleased to have his interest. He suggested a Rain Garden and the cleanup of some of the surrounding Park area. The Parks Committee had earlier suggested a rain garden in one of our possible project lists earlier. However, that area has now been filled in and so is no longer a suitable choice. The sledding hill was discussed as a possible project. Ken Kvacek also may have a Scout interested in that area. Christine will speak with Ken.  Dale and Christine will meet with Alex to discuss plans.

We looked at some pictures of some potential projects which did not seem suitable for this Park.

McFarland Update
John presented an informational update about the McFarland activities. The nonprofit group has applied for renewal of the lease held by Metroparks.  That lease has not yet been signed by Metroparks. The nonprofit group envisions using the McFarland house to archive and display the history of Bentleyville as it relates to the Western Reserve and Chagrin Valley area and to archive and display the history of the Boy Scouts in this area. They intend to make the first floor handicapped accessible and will provide a porta-potty similar to the one at the Park. The Museum, built in the 1840s, will be open by appointment only. They have already put on a new roof and completely rebuilt the floors.  At this point they are ready to do some significant fund-raising to complete the project. After the fund-raising and restorations required to use the house are completed, they intend to explore turning the lease over to Bentleyville if Bentleyville is interested.

Portable toilet service 2013
The Parks Committee agreed to renew the portable toilet service contract with Miller and Company as of April 1. It will cost $150 a month.  The first month will be more ($185.00) because it includes the delivery/pick up charge  and stake down fee.

Chairperson Comstock said she will not be present for the next committee meeting and Councilperson John Bourisseau agreed to chair the meeting

The next meeting will be held
April 10, 2013      10:00 AM. 

Christine Comstock, Chairperson


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