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Safety & Streets
Wednesday January 9, 2013

Present Dale Berger, Chief Pitts, John Bourisseau, absent Joe Maurer.
Meeting began at 9:05

1.  Review Police and Service Hours--within expected limits.  The Chief expects there will be additional training session in the near future to help plan for possible active shooting situations.
    Discuss service projects and equipment:  The 1 Ton truck refurbishment has been completed for around $11,000.  Initial cost estimates were 16K, and a new vehicle would cost about 50-60K.  The truck looks great and the service department is happy to have it back in service.
     The 2005 5T truck is in for service.  There is a need to replace the Turbo-Charger and the exhaust system--estimated cost about $2500.  This is the first major repair to this 7 year old vehicle.
The 2 Viking plows are failing in the same manner as previous years.  One is presently in use, the other is in the shop. After discussions with the mayor and finance chair, a decision was made to purchase a used Bonnell plow for $4000.  The service department felt this to be a priority and will forego their request for a Skag mower if necessary.  This plow has been purchased and is in use.  The chief reported that we have not been able to refurbish the extra plow that was authorized in the previous budget.  While we received a quote of $5000 for this job, we kept being put off, and then it was indicated that they didn’t want to do the job, as they felt the plow was too far gone to be able to guarantee the work.  The Chief has found an additional used Bonnell plow that could be purchased through Juddco.  The cost, delivered, would be $3500.  It is recommended that we authorize the purchase of this plow and scrap the old one.
Dale reported that the 2011 Crown Victoria presently has 50,000 miles on it.  It was necessary to replace the fuel pump at a cost of $550
The 2009 Explorer has 80,000
The 2007 unmarked car has 209,000
The Chief reported that he has ordered 135T of salt
The Chief distributed an informational sheet compiled by Sgt. turner that explains the recommendation for purchase of SD cards.

2.   Old Business
Review of items recommended for purchase in 2013.
New Police car State Bid, total cost to not exceed $30,000
--will trade in unmarked vehicle with 209,000--Explorer will become unmarked    car
Ford F250 maintenance Truck with Boss plow, State Bid, total cost not to exceed  $25,000--will trade in Ford Ranger
Used Bonnell plow $4000--already purchased
2nd used Bonnell plow $3500
2 computers for police office $1500
Leaf Box $7000
Taser $600--can be purchased immediately through equipment fund.

We should move forward with motions to approve the purchase of the Police car, Ford Explorer, 2nd plow, and the computers.
As mentioned above, the Skag mower ($7000) has been removed from the purchase list for the time being.  This is being done because of the need for the plows.  Should funds be available, we would like to revisit this purchase.

3.  New Business 
AED/First Aid training will be held at 6 pm Mar 7 at Village Hall.
The Chief has investigated CDL training for the service department personnel who drive the big trucks.  Training is extensive and would cost $900 per person.  It is recommended that council authorize this training.
The mayor would like to install an emergency phone in the lobby of Village Hall.  The phone would ring directly to dispatch and would provide extra protection in an emergency.  Most communities who do not have their Village Hall staffed have this type of emergency phone system.  Cost $899.  It is recommended that council authorize the expenditure of funds for this purpose.

Meeting Adjourned 9:40


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