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Safety and Streets
March 13 2013
9 AM

Present: Residents David and Cathie Martin, Council Members John Bourisseau (chair),  George Skipper, Kathleen Hale, Christine Comstock, Chief Pitts, Dale Berger, Lt. Joe Alestock (Solon PD), Chief David Maine(Hunting Valley PD), Chief Jon Bokovotz (Bainbridge PD), Lt. Lloyd Nagle

Review Police and Service Hours--Discuss equipment status and projects.
Hours for both departments are within expected limits.  The Chief reports that the computers are in and operational, the emergency phone has been installed in the lobby and firearm re-certification is in process at the Hunting Valley Range.  We discussed salt use and amount to be ordered for next year.
We discussed the continued benefit of compiling statistics regarding how time is used in the service department.  It was felt that the information being gathered, while not used on a monthly basis, is helpful in determining trends in the department and should continue to be obtained.  Dale reported that they have put new tires on the SUV and that the Crown Victoria would be in need in the near future.  Dale also reported that the core heater in the generator has failed needs to be replaced.

Old Business
CDL Training The Law Director has responded to questions regarding CDL training.  The Law Director and the Committee recommend going forward with the training at the amount specified in the original motion.  It is recommended that should the newly trained personnel leave the employ of the Village prior to one year from the date that they obtain their license, then they need to reimburse the Village for all monitory costs related to their obtaining the license. 
A discussion ensued regarding whether or not the Village should pay for the actual cost of the license ($155ea) and whether training should be on Village time.  There were differences of opinion regarding this point.  A motion will be placed on the agenda to address this second issue.
Lighting for Bus Stops in Chagrin Valley Trails  The issue of providing lighting for safety at certain intersections in CVT trails was reviewed with the Village Engineer.  He indicated that if the Home Owners Association recommended lighting at specific intersections in the development that CEI would comply.  The Engineer felt that the request should come from the homeowners association and then the Village could act on it.  He is completing an analysis of the costs.

New Business
We had a demonstration from Chad Salahshour, Incell Technologies LLC, of a program and application developed for use with cell phones.  The application has numerous features that enhance the effectiveness of 911 calls that the committee felt were advantages. Rather than go through them here--please go to www.911cellular and review the features of this application.  The committee feels this would be something the Village should acquire and offer to residents.
Cathie Martin, President, Pepperwood La. HOA was present to follow-up on her email to the chair and the Village Engineer.  Sections of road in the development are deteriorating and she would like them addressed.  She had pictures of these areas.  Immediately following her first contact, many of the areas were filled with cold patch, but this will be only temporary. The Village Engineer has assessed the area and will include a more permanent solution in his roads plan for this season.  In the interim the service department will continue to address the areas of concern as best they can. 
We discussed how the Duro-Patch machine might address these areas and are exploring whether rental of such a machine is feasible.  A machine similar to the Duro-Patch was featured in a newspaper article recently.
The Chief recently acquired a grant which provided funds to purchase new radios on a different frequency.  Some Villages in the area were not successful in obtaining such a grant and are still using radios with the old frequency.  Since our old radios are obsolete in our Village, we are able to donate them to another department for use.
The committee recommends a motion on the council agenda to approve the donation of six radios, serial numbers 90303401 thru 90303406 to the Village of North Randall.

Meeting adjourned 10:45


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