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Safety and Streets
Wednesday July 10, 2013

Meeting started at 9:05 am

Present John Bourisseau-Chair, Dale Berger-Service Department, Kathleen Hale-Council, George Skipper-Council, Lt. Lloyd Nagle-Police Dept., Christine Comstock-Council

Review of Police and Service Hours. 
Police and service hours are within expected limits.  Dale reported that with the rain and storms they have been spending a lot of time cutting grass and picking up brush.  Dale reported that one employee of the service department has successfully completed CDL training and the other employee will be taking the test next week.  The leaf box has been ordered.

Old Business
Mrs. Hale inquired if there had been any additional discussion with the Village of Chagrin Falls regarding the Salt Bin.  Dale indicated that to his knowledge there had been no further discussion.  Dale will contact the Chagrin service director and report back.

New Business
We discussed the proposed lighting for Chagrin Valley Trails(CVT).  CVT has requested streetlights in 5 areas of the development for safety reasons.  Children waiting for the bus during Winter months are in dark areas.  The Village Engineer presented a proposal based on his discussions with First Energy.  Total installation costs are estimated to be $17,500.  It was not clear how much of this cost would be the responsibility of the Village or CVT and how much First Energy would pay.  I am seeking clarification from Mr. Filarski on the breakdown of costs.

Mr. Skipper indicated that a question came up in the Utilities meeting regarding safety procedures for gas wells.  Did the Vlg. have any protocol for addressing emergencies, was there any awareness on the part of safety forces as to the presence of hazardous materials, etc.  Lieutenant Nagle indicated that he was not aware of any procedures or policies regarding the wells.  It was determined that Mr. Skipper would contact the Fire Marshall to determine what procedures or policies they may have.

Meeting adjourned at 9:55

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