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Safety and Streets Committee
Wednesday Feb 13, 2013
9 AM

Meeting called to order 9:02
Present: Committee members John Bourisseau, George Skipper and Lt. Nagle (for Chief Pitts.  Council members Karen Hale & Christine Comstock were also in attendance.  Dale Berger was absent due to illness

Chair, John Bourisseau had met previously with Chief Pitts and Dale Berger to review items for the agenda as the Chief was going to be out of town for this meeting.  The Chief reported that the Emergency phone for the lobby is to be installed within the next few weeks, the new cruiser has been ordered, and the new pick-up truck is in service.  The Chief requested that the Village enter into a contract with Hunting Valley for use of their firing range.  The Moreland Hills range has suffered some weather related damage and is not presently available.  We would be sharing the range with Pepper Pike, Gates Mills and Hunting Valley.  Cost would be $400 per year.

Review Police and Service Hours--Within expected limits
Discuss service projects and equipment.  Due the absence of Dale Berger, no discussion of ongoing projects took place.

Old Business
--Review items recommended for purchase in 2013
The Committee reviewed the specifications provided and costs for the 2 new computers for the Police Department.  The cost for the 2 computers and software comes to $2359.90, with an additional cost of 127.99 for an ink-jet printer.  The committee recommends the purchase of the computers, but would like to see the department invest in a laser 3 in 1 printer that can scan and be used as a fax also.  This printer would use toner cartridges instead of ink, and while the initial cost would be more, it is felt we save in the long run.  The Committee recommends a motion on the agenda to purchase 2 computers as specified and laser printer, with total cost not to exceed $3000.  Ms. Comstock will discuss printer options with Sgt. Turner and the Chief.
We reviewed the estimate of $7,745 for a new leaf box from Judco Equipment.  The Committee would like the Chief to contact Judco to determine how much lead time will be necessary to ensure that the box will be ready for service in the Falls.
Council person Comstock asked about the stop sign at Parkwood Circle.  It is out of compliance with Federal standards.  It is our understanding that the resolution of this issue is being discussed by the Village Engineer and the Mayor.
We discussed the life span of the memory cards for the MDT units.  Lt. Nagle reported that they have a limited life span--they burn out like a light bulb, and at that time become unusable.
The Committee recommends that funds be made available to provide CDL training for service department personnel in an amount not to exceed $1800.

New Business
The traffic light at the inter-section of River, Solon and Overlook has been malfunctioning periodically requiring the Village to set up stop signs and to have it serviced.  An inspection by Signal Service Company found the Controller and Monitor to be very old and not repairable.  The estimate to replace the Controller Timer and Monitor is $4,042.  The Committee recommends a motion on the Council Agenda to authorize the funds to repair the light.
Council person Comstock asked about the status of the dedication requests for for Parkwood Circle and Overlook Dr.  No one at the meeting had any new information, so the question is deferred to the Village Engineer.

We reviewed the conditional easement requests presented by the Village Engineer that will be on the Council Agenda and recommend their passage.

Council person Hale referred to an email that she had previously sent me regarding a dangerous situation for school children waiting for their bus.  Students are required to wait for their buses at the end of their streets.  At the inter-sections of Grey Fox and Martindale, Eagles Nest and Quail Ridge this is particularly dangerous during the Winter months when it is dark and the roads are snow covered.  The question is whether or not some type of lighting can be provided at these intersections and who would be responsible for installation and costs.  We discussed various options and felt it might be worthwhile to investigate a solar powered sign of some sort.

Meeting Adjourned: 10:12 am

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