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Safety & Streets
Wednesday, May 8, 2013
9 a.m.

Attendees: Chief Pitts, Chief Brosius-Chagrin Falls, George Skipper-Council Representative, Christine Comstock-Council, Kathleen Hale-Council, John Bourisseau-Chair, Chad Salahshour, Incell Technologies LLC

Review Police and Service Hours
Service projects and equipment--all equipment is in good working order.  The service department is working on general road maintenance and grass cutting throughout the Village.
Police Schedule--Due to recent resignations and ongoing training needs, we are very thin in our police department and scheduling is, at times, an issue.  The Chief will be interviewing additional individuals for part-time positions.  The Chief recommended that we review how the department is staffed as the new Chief comes on board.

Old Business
Chief Brosius, who is the head of the Dispatch, was in attendance to hear a presentation by Chad Salahshour, Incell Technologies LLC, on the enhanced 911 computer application.  We discussed the application and how it would interface with Dispatch.  Village council wanted to know if we purchased the application, would it be a duplication of any of the services offered through the new Dispatch Center and would it be compatible with the services offered by Dispatch.
Mr. Salahshour’s presentation and question and answers went on for about 45 minutes as these and other questions were explored.
The basic features of the dispatch will remain the same as it moves into the new facility.  The enhanced 911 services associated with the application are all additional features that will be dictated by each local community and will not interfere with the basic services provided by dispatch.  The local Police Chief will determine all of the basic safety related components of the app, while the resident will determine which personal features they would like to engage.

John Bourisseau reported that the Village Engineer is reviewing light pole and lighting options for the replacement poles on the Solon Road Bridge.  It had been mentioned by the Engineer that composite poles, while they last longer, may require periodic painting.  Mr. Skipper posed a question regarding the frequency of painting and the possible difficulties/costs involved.  He also was under the impression that composite poles could be of a material that is one color throughout which would make painting unnecessary.

John Bourisseau also reported that the Enginner is in the process of developing the Roads program for the Village and will have it ready for approval in June.  I reported to the Engineer that there is some additional paint flaking on the Miles Road Bridge.

New Business
We reviewed 2 ordinances that will be on the agenda.  One will deal with a change in the formula for the costs associated with the Dispatch group.  Individual community cost basis will be based on a 25-75 formula.  25% of the cost basis will be determined for each community based on sharing in basic equipment costs while the other 75% will be determined by usage.  This change has been approved by the Valley police Chiefs and Mayors.  It is expected that overall costs will decrease because of the development of the new center and the addition of new communities to the Dispatch.
The 2nd ordinance we reviewed spells out the agreement with Chagrin Schools for group fuel purchase that was reported to council last month by the mayor.

Meeting adjourned: 10:17

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