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Safety and Streets
Wednesday June 12, 2013

Present, Chief Pitts, Jeff Filarski, George Skipper, Kathleen Hale, Christine Comstock and John Bourisseau.
Meeting commenced at 9:02 am

Review Police and Service Hours.  Police and Service hours are below budgeted amounts, primarily due to vacations.
The service department continues to work on a variety of tasks, right-away maintenance, grass cutting, mulching around Village Hall, etc.

Old Business  We discussed the enhanced 911 app.  It was felt that an ordinance authorizing the purchase should be placed on first reading.  We discussed developing a plan for disseminating information about the app and how to gauge interest.  Mr Salahshour has indicated to the committee that the app has been purchased by Cleveland State and is being review by Metro-Parks, Bainbridge and Hunting Valley.
The price quote from Judco equipment for a new leaf box was reviewed and discussed.  The funds for this purchase were placed in the 2013 budget.  It is recommended that a motion be placed on the June agenda authorizing the purchase of this item for $7745 in order that it will be in place for the Fall season.
Mr. Filarski, the Village Engineer, presented quotes for the replacement pole, globes and lighting for the Solon road bridge lights.  Funds for the replacement of these poles were placed in the 2013 budget.  It is recommended that a motion be placed on the June 2013 council agenda accepting the low bid of $19,562 from Lampion Companies for the purchase and installation of the new poles and lights.

New Business  Mr. Filarski presented the Annual Pavement and Drainage programs.  The recommended pavement work is more extensive than originally thought for a number of factors.  The projected costs exceed Mr. Filarski’s initial budget estimate by about $21,000.  The committee reviewed the proposed work and recommend that a motion be placed on the June agenda to put out for bid the entire program.
Mr. Filarski indicated that the bids for the Solon Road project are in, and based on the figures, the local costs may be about $25,000.  Due to the increase in costs, Mr. Filarski reported that funds will not be available to complete the conditional work on the Goldsmith and Pordon Properties.**

Meeting Adjourned 10:23 am

**sunsequent to the meeting, Mr. Filarski reported a conversation with the County representative, who indicated that the excess cost of the Solon Road project will be picked up by the County.  The work on the Goldsmith and Pordon properties included.

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